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Stephen Buckley

Stephen Buckley

Chairman of the Board

Stephen is an innovative, profit-oriented owner, founder and C-suite executive for multi- national companies.  He has demonstrated success in increasing revenues, market share and earnings, achieving cost reductions, and improving client satisfaction in customer facing operations and large diverse organizations.  He is an expert in management and implementation of complex corporate acquisition initiatives and successful organizational integrations.

Stephen began his career working as a trained engineer gradually opening his first company in 1997.   He started his second company in 1999 and third company in 2003 which is now a multimillion dollar distribution company.  Stephen founded Dakota Holdings Group with Nicholas King in 2014. Together, they established Axccellus Custom Machinery and Safety Solutions as the first portfolio company of Dakota.

While leading these companies in the Automation, Motion Control and Pneumatics industries, he developed talent for analyzing competitive landscape, conducting research and aligning product offerings with customer requirements.  This translates into lower product development and implementation costs.  He also has a reputation as a change agent with the ability to analyze issues, devise continuous process improvements, and incorporate business process outsourcing initiatives to increase efficiency, streamline operations and decrease aggregate expenses with limited resources.